Hiking Snowdon: What you need to know

Snowdon may not be even close to the highest mountain in Europe - but it’s still a choose your own adventure type of mountain. There’s multiple routes up the peak to take in the spectacular views from the summit. Read on to discover some of the best routes and what else you can see and do in Wales.

The beginner’s guide to hiking


I was recently talking to a friend who is new to the hiking game. She mentioned it would be great to have a guide on hiking tips for people starting out so they know what to expect when they hit the trail. You asked for it and here it is – the beginner’s guide to hiking.

Have the right gear


Before you go anywhere near a hiking trail, make sure you have the right gear. Hiking is a serious business – trails can be steep, slippery or on cliff edges; there could be wildlife; and weather is also a consideration.


This is what I recommend you have before hitting a hiking trail:

  • Good shoes. Hiking boots aren’t essential unless you have weak ankles. In fact, I don’t own a pair. I’ve done a lot of day hikes, some very hard, but find hiking boots too heavy and clumsy so I stick to trail shoes. You mostly want something that has a good grip. Running shoes will be useful for short easy-moderate hikes, especially beginners, but if you’re serious about it, look for some trail shoes. My favourite brand is Ecco.
  • A backpack with adjustable straps, water bottle, first aid kit (fill it with alcohol wipes, bandaids, small bandage and Stingose for any insect bites) and insect repellent. I recommend carrying at least 1-2 litres of water with you depending on the duration of your hike and also some snacks. A piece of fruit, nuts and a muesli bar should do the trick if you’re hiking for a couple of hours – if you’re doing a longer hike, consider bringing something like a sandwich as well.
  • A hat and sunscreen.
  • In regards to clothing, some light compression type pants are good if you’re worried about insects, long grass or plants such as stinging nettles on the track – and also to help with muscle fatigue and recovery. If you’re hiking up mountains, it’s recommended to bring a sweater/jumper with you in case the weather turns.
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