My Travel Story


Welcome to The Little Adventurer – a blog about big adventures on a small budget. My name is Lisa – I’m just an ordinary Australian with an insatiable passion for travel.

I’m a self confessed nomad, and I work half the year in Australia and travel the other six months. I don’t have many possessions, or a fixed address. But I feel like I’m living the dream.

I’ve travelled to 70 countries to date – covering every continent except Antarctica.

Highlights of my travel adventures include hiking Chile’s 70km W Trek, visiting Bolivia’s salt flats and desert, seeing the abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine, touring the ancient city of Petra, swimming in cenotes in Mexico and camping on top of a volcano in Guatemala.

I’m currently part way through an around the world solo adventure spanning from Honolulu, USA to Tokyo, Japan. My plan is to travel for a year non-stop until September 2018.

My March 2018 adventures will include Tanzania, South Africa and Namibia.

Come explore the world with me.