My Travel Story



Welcome to The Little Adventurer – a blog about big adventures on a small budget. My name is Lisa – I’m just an ordinary Australian with an insatiable passion for travel.

I’m a self confessed nomad, and I work half the year in Australia and travel the other six months. I don’t have many possessions, or a fixed address. But I feel like I’m living the dream.

I’ve travelled to 62 countries to date – covering every continent except Antarctica. My last trip took me around the world over six months. I travelled across the national parks of west coast America, visited the abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine, went trekking in Nepal, toured the ancient city of Petra, and indulged in street food and temple sightseeing all across South East Asia.

It all started with my first overseas trip in 2008 to Canada. I landed in Vancouver with no plans and it snowballed from there. I decided Whitehorse in Yukon sounded interesting so I booked a flight there. Then I drove over the border to Skagway, Alaska. Then on the way back to Australia – I stopped in at Honolulu.

My first trip to Europe was when I became truly infected by the travel bug. Shortly after returning from a month in Europe, I quit my job and decided I was going to aupair in France and Italy. I didn’t even know if I liked children. But then an eight month au pair stint turned into nearly a year in Europe seeing more than 23 countries and countless cities.

I’m now planning my next adventure, which will take me around the world again. I’ll be visiting Central and South America, Africa, and Central Asia and aiming to do bucket list hikes including Mt Kilimanjaro, Annapurna Circuit and the Torres Del Paine circuit.

Come explore the world with me.