Uzbekistan: A 2 Week Itinerary

With Central Asian countries becoming easier to enter, destinations such as Uzbekistan are quickly creeping to the top of must do lists for intrepid travellers. To help you plan your trip to Uzbekistan, check out my two week itinerary.

7 epic mountains to hike near Brisbane

I bet you didn’t know there’s more than a dozen mountains you can hike near Brisbane. If you’re looking for the best mountains for your next weekend adventure, I've done the hard work for you. Here's my selection of the very best mountains near Brisbane.

Mexico: What you need to know

Tasting authentic Mexican street food, exploring ancient Mayan ruins, relaxing by wild beaches and sampling tequila and mezcal where it's made is something you must do once in your lifetime. Mexico is a treasure trove of hidden (and not so hidden) gems that will have you wanting to stay longer than you might think.