The best hikes in Lamington National Park

If you’ve ever looked at a map of Queensland's Lamington National Park, you may be bewildered by the sheer amount of hiking options. The good news is I've put together this list of the best hikes in Lamington National Park - all you have to do is go!

The beginner’s guide to hiking


I was recently talking to a friend who is new to the hiking game. She mentioned it would be great to have a guide on hiking tips for people starting out so they know what to expect when they hit the trail. You asked for it and here it is – the beginner’s guide to hiking.

Have the right gear


Before you go anywhere near a hiking trail, make sure you have the right gear. Hiking is a serious business – trails can be steep, slippery or on cliff edges; there could be wildlife; and weather is also a consideration. read more

Hiking Concepcion Volcano

If you’re looking for a hiking challenge, I found it in Nicaragua. I’ve done a lot of hiking but the 16km hike up Volcano Concepcion nearly beat me – but it was all worth it for the views and the sense of achievement at the peak. How many people can say they hiked to the top of an active volcano?


About the Volcano and Ometepe Island

Volcano Concepcion is located in the northwest of Ometepe Island. The island lies in the 8000 square kilometre Lake Nicaragua. You can get a good view of part of the lake and some of the hundreds of islets from Mombacho Volcano near Granada. read more