Travel apps that will save you money

In today’s technological savvy world, there’s lots of mobile apps out there that make backpacking so much easier – and they also will save you money.

Here’s my favourite mobile apps – and why they will give you extra cash to fund your travels.

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This app will change a traveller’s life. I’ve met so many travellers that think you need to buy a SIM card in every country they visit because they need data to use maps on their phone.

Wrong. All you need is the Maps. me app.

To use this app, you first need to use wifi to download a map of your next destination – then you’re good to go without data.

Depending on the country size, there may be one map for a country or it will be broken into several maps.

Then you can easily find where you want to go whether it be accommodation, train stations or a tourist attraction. The app will find the best route whether it be on foot or on wheels, and tell you how long it takes you to get there. The app relies on GPS so as long as it can find your location, it’s good to go.


Currency Converter Plus

Maths is not my strong point and after moving countries every couple of days when travelling through South East Asia, I’ve concluded that I couldn’t live without a currency converter app.

I simply choose the currency of the country I’m in and figure out how that much is in Australian dollars. It’s definitely helpful when you have to figure out how much 200,000 Vietnamese Dong is in Australian dollars!

This app is particularly useful when you arrive in a country and you need to figure out how much to get out at an ATM.

How does this app save you money? Because it will avoid you getting ripped off (you can convert a price such as a taxi fare on the spot) and it will also prevent you from getting too much out of an ATM.


Skype Wi-Fi

Need to call a phone overseas? Then Skype is your best friend. It uses a wifi connection to make the call and all you need to do is load credit up. Calls work out at two cents a minute – so you can talk for a long time for less than a dollar.

Facebook Messenger

If you need to call someone that you’re friends with on Facebook, just go via Facebook Messenger. The app uses the wifi connection to make the call at no cost.

Armed with these apps, you’ll be sure to save money – and put it towards more important things on the road such as food and beer!


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