Amazing photos of Patagonia – that will make you take up hiking

Hidden in the deep south of Chile and Argentina lies the spectacular Patagonia region.

Patagonia is filled with snow-capped mountains, sparkling blue lakes, imposing glaciers and pretty meadows – and the best way to explore the region is by pulling on your hiking boots!

Treks in the region include the famous “W” and “O” trails in Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park, and the epic 20km return hike to the viewpoint at the base of the Fitzroy Peak in Argentina’s Los Glaciares National Park.

Check out these amazing photos of Patagonia that will be sure to make you take up hiking and booking a flight ASAP.

  1. Snow-capped mountains are everywhere you look


  2. Then there’s the bright blue lakes


  3. You can get really close to glaciers


  4. And dramatic peaks


  5. The meadows are just as scenic as the mountains


  6. The suspension bridges are epic


  7. Waterfalls + glaciers = breathtaking scenery


  8. So many photo opportunities


  9. I woke up like this


  10. Can you believe this is real life?



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