24 of the best outdoor activities on the Hawaiian Islands

There’s more to Hawaii than Waikiki. Across the four main Hawaiian islands of Oahu, Maui, the Big Island and Kauai, there’s no shortage of activities to do for outdoor lovers. You can go snorkelling and see wild turtles, hike up volcanoes, or have a beach day while watching the insane skills of local surfers.

Hiking Snowdon: What you need to know

Snowdon may not be even close to the highest mountain in Europe - but it’s still a choose your own adventure type of mountain. There’s multiple routes up the peak to take in the spectacular views from the summit. Read on to discover some of the best routes and what else you can see and do in Wales.

Hiking Georgia’s Transcaucasian Trail: Chuberi to Mestia

There's more than one must do hike in Georgia. The 4-day Chuberi to Mestia hike in Georgia's Svaneti region offers up moody forests trails, dozens of snowcapped mountains, challenging mountain pass ascents and descents, river crossings, quaint villages and of course, wonderful Georgian hospitality. And you might just have the trail all to yourself.