Hiking Maderas Volcano, Nicaragua


Here’s the second post from Guest Adventurer Fanni Bartanics from the My Seven Worlds travel blog. Fanni is currently exploring Central and South America and is now in Colombia. Read about one of her recent adventures hiking a volcano on Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island.

Ometepe is the tenth largest lake island in the world and it’s where I spent an incredibly exciting week in March this year. With its two volcanoes, Ometepe Island rises from the water like a camel, providing two great options for adventurers. read more

Hitchhiking through Central America

12953020_10208790311506236_208919783_oMeet Fanni Bartanics. Together with her travel buddy Suzy, Fanni is currently on an inspiring trip through Central America. Over the past few months, she has hitchhiked her way across Central America. Her travel blog My Seven Worlds aims to inspire, motivate and educate fellow adventurers about the world of travel and uncover the inner workings of why we travel and how it makes us who we are. Here she shares her tips on hitchhiking through Central America.

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little patience and flexibility, hitchhiking from place to place is a viable option. read more

My 12 favourite hikes

Hiking is one of my favourite activities and it’s a great way to see the world, get off the beaten track, and work off some calories for all the yummy food.

Here’s my top 12 favourite hikes from the volcanoes of Nicaragua to Australia’s Glasshouse Mountains. The hikes range from moderate difficulty to challenging.

1. Crouching Lion, Kaawa, Hawaii


Distance:  3km return                          Difficulty: Moderate                      Time: 45 minutes return

This is a short and dirty (literally) hike that is definitely bang for buck. read more

8 volcanoes to visit

I’m a little bit obsessed with volcanoes. I don’t know why, I just am. I guess because Australia hasn’t had any active volcanoes for thousands of year and I just find the idea of an active volcano so fascinating. Maybe it’s the adrenaline junkie in me that craves a little bit of adventure and danger in my travels.

In the past year, I’ve been to a lot of volcanoes. Some are active, some are dormant – and one was a mud volcano. Here’s a guide to my favourite volcanoes around the world. read more

Hiking Concepcion Volcano

If you’re looking for a hiking challenge, I found it in Nicaragua. I’ve done a lot of hiking but the 16km hike up Volcano Concepcion nearly beat me – but it was all worth it for the views and the sense of achievement at the peak. How many people can say they hiked to the top of an active volcano?


About the Volcano and Ometepe Island

Volcano Concepcion is located in the northwest of Ometepe Island. The island lies in the 8000 square kilometre Lake Nicaragua. You can get a good view of part of the lake and some of the hundreds of islets from Mombacho Volcano near Granada. read more