Solo traveller? Here’s 6 ways to meet people


I’m predominantly a solo traveller. Or I used to be. These days I’ve met so many people in my travels that often I’m couchsurfing with people I’ve met during my past travels. Or I’ve organised to meet someone I met overseas on the other side of the world. Or I just met three people at my hostel.

In the last six months, I’ve couchsurfed in Boston with someone I met in Peru and next up we’re doing a tour in Jordan; completed a 10 day trip to Greece with a Canadian I met while aupairing in Italy; and toured Maui with a friend I met while teaching English in Hungary. read more

Combatting the post holiday blues


If you’re anything like me and you’re in between overseas adventures, you’re probably suffering a serious case of post holidays blues. I was there too – until I found a way to satisfy my wanderlust at home.

At its core, travel is about exploration. Getting out of your comfort zone. Trying something new. Seeing sights that take your breath away. When was the last time you saw something new where you live?

Travelling overseas has made me more curious about the country I call home. Australia has a lot on offer and just because you have a full time job, doesn’t mean you can’t explore and travel – you can find something new by driving only an hour or two from home. You’re still going to see somewhere you haven’t set eyes on before. read more

Packing for an Icelandic winter


If you’re anything like me, then the idea of heading to Iceland in winter might be a bit daunting. How cold will it be? How many layers do I need? Does it snow everyday? What do I wear in the snow? Will a heeled boot be ok? How many pairs of socks will I need? Do I need hand warmers?

For most of my life, I’ve lived in a place where it never, ever snows so I asked myself all these questions and more before I headed to Iceland in January. Iceland in winter just sounds like it would be ridiculously cold. read more

10 essential carry on items


Got a long haul flight coming up? In the past year, I’ve taken more than 50 flights – many of these between six and 15 hours – and I’ve got pretty good at figuring out what I need to help me get through those long haul flights.

Here’s the 10 things I can’t do without on a long distance flight.

1. Tablet/Kindle/Book

This is a no brainer. You want to keep entertained on your flight – unless you’re one of those amazing people who can sleep anywhere. Depending on the airline, you may or may not have in-flight entertainment and sometimes there’s nothing on there you would watch. I usually take both a tablet loaded with a few of my favourite shows or movies I wanted to watch and a book with me to fight the boredom. (I’m of the old school and prefer a book I can hold – then I just swap it for another at a hostel or leave it behind when I’m done.) read more