There’s more to Transylvania than Dracula


If I asked you what’s the first thing that springs to mind when I mention Romania, I bet you’d say Dracula’s Castle! I’ll be honest, that’s all I knew about Romania when I first started researching my trip there – it’s what intrigued me about Romania in the first place.

But I discovered there’s a lot more to Romania then the Dracula myth, such as the picturesque towns of Brasov and Rasnov, and the old town of Bucharest.

On my recent trip to Romania, I based myself in Brasov – the jumping point for the Transylvania region.

Read about the top things to do in and around Brasov in my CoverMore Travel Insurance blog.








One thought on “There’s more to Transylvania than Dracula

  • Bran is beautiful, but most tourists have a nice surprise when they visit Peles Castel in Sinaia. Sinaia is just near from Brasov, so it’s possible to visit both castles in the same day.


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