Adventure in the treetops


Location: Tree Top Challenge, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia

Soar, climb and balance on high wires among the treetops on the slopes of the lush Tamborine Mountain at Tree Top Challenge.

The adventurer in me loved the ziplines, climbing walls and balancing wires – and it was harder than I thought. Turns out I need to work a little more on my upper body strength! (Wait until you get to the swinging log obstacle on the black course, you’ll see what I mean!)

Treetops Adventures offers hours of adrenaline, fun and challenges – and its suitable for big kids like me, and children over the age of seven (you must be able to reach a height of 160cm to do the black course).


There’s three levels of obstacles courses to choose from ranging from easy (green course) to hard (black course). If you do everything, you’ll have made it through 110 challenges, including 11 fun ziplines.


The entry price is the same whether you do just one or all of the obstacles courses so it’s up to you how much you want to challenge yourself and how long you want to spend climbing in the trees. Plan to spend between 3-4 hours making your way through the courses.

You can book ahead for a spot on the course. There’s 25 spaces available each time slot. On weekends, you can get on the course from 8.30am.

I headed out there with a friend on a Sunday morning for a 9am timeslot. At 9am, we were one of the only ones there so we had the obstacles all to ourselves. This meant no waiting for others to get through an obstacle. By the time we left at noon, there were lots of people on the courses and queues at most obstacles.

After being fitted with a harness, gloves and helmet and watching a short safety and instruction video, we headed across five suspension bridges and then onto the course for several fun filled (and slightly sweaty) hours.

We headed to the green course first which was a series of high wires you had to balance on, plank bridges, ladders and short ziplines. Pretty easy stuff but fun.


The red course was next starting with a vertical wall climb, then you’re heading over more high wires, ziplines, ladders and bridges. It got a little more challenging on the red course – the green tunnel you have to go through on your back head first was a bit challenging to slide yourself along – especially when you get to the gaps as you’re suspended above the ground.


Onto the black course, where the longer ziplines were and also the most challenging obstacles. The challenge section started with a rope swing where you hit a net – the challenging bit is unhooking yourself from the swing and onto the net to slide across to the platform. Not as easy as it looks.

Next up was logs suspended by two ropes like a swing. I failed on my first attempt then realised there was a trick to it that has a lot to do with coordination and balance and successfully made it across.

By the time I finished that obstacle my arms were dead though (need to do some more weights!).

But after a few more challenging obstacles, you’re onto a long zipline – it’s pretty fun.

The Treetop Adventures courses are self-paced and you’re the one clipping yourself on and off the high wires. The courses uses ‘clickits’ to secure yourself to the high wires.


The system works that you have two clickits – and the technology requires one clickit to be attached to the course high wires at all times. As you move along the course, you move the clickits along one by one to ensure you’re always safely secured.


If you do get stuck on an obstacle, there’s staff roaming the course to help you out – I needed a push once when I got stuck on the monkey bars and I struggled to pull myself up on the platform.

You are also provided with a pulley for the ziplines and there at signs at platforms where you need to place the pulley on the wire.


The cost of the high wire course is $49 – I thought it was great value for a fun morning – and it’s also great exercise!

Treetops Adventures is located at Thunderbird Park on the corner of Tamborine Mountain Road and Cedar Creek Falls Road, next to the entry to Cedar Creek Falls (which is also worth a stop).

There is also another site at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

If you enjoyed your treetop adventure so much you want to do it again, you can pay for another go at the course for only $29 and return sometime in the next six months. For more information or to book a spot, head to



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